As a REALTOR® in Jacksonville, I see the aftermath of bad remodeling decisions all the time. I know they start out with the best of intentions. There’s nothing wrong with upgrading your home’s fixtures. Putting a little personal stamp on our homes is one of the most appealing things about owning home. However, it is wise to keep the One Pattern Rule in mind whenever you make updates to your home.

What is the One Pattern Rule and why should I care?

Hardwood Floors Neutral Counters and backsplash

This is a good example of letting one hard surface be the star of the show. Beautiful hardwood floors really stand out with neutral selections in the counter tops and backsplash.

The One Pattern Rule simply stated is that only one pattern should dominate a given room. You never want to have too many patterns competing for attention among the room’s hard surfaces. Let me give you an example to illustrate what I mean.

If you choose an exotic granite pattern for your kitchen’s counters, the rest of the hard surfaces in the room will look best when they are free of bold patterns. Colorful mosaic tile backsplashes can be stunning, but when coupled with that exotic granite both lose appeal.

It’s easy to allow yourself to chase the most unique styles for every hard surface in your home:

  • Countertops
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Hardwood Flooring
  • Backsplashes

The reason you should proceed with caution is that these surfaces are expensive. They are hard to change out and when it comes time to sell, potential buyers are going to shy away from homes with too much going on, in the way of patterns. This can cost you money at the closing table.

Every fixture in a model home is set-up that way for a reason.

Beachwalk Exterior models

Designers understand the importance of appealing to the most people possible. They also understand that investments in fixtures and finishes quickly add up. This home is a model located in the community referenced below.

I was recently reminded of this when touring a brand-new community in our area, Saint John County. The builders and their design teams do an excellent job of minding the One Pattern Rule. Homes in this one of a kind development are stunning, tastefully decorated, and appeal to the most potential buyers possible.

This design team has done an excellent job of accentuating one feature to anchor the room. The featured photo of this post is from this community. Notice how the glass and metal backsplash provide a focal point.

The bold pattern of the backsplash is not forced to compete with an aggressive tile pattern on the floor. The quartz counter tops have a subdued, muted pattern. Even the cabinets compliment the room in their flat monochromatic griege finish.

Couple this with dramatic lighting and you have the formula for a room that captures attention when buyers walk in. They can imagine themselves living there and begin to take mental ownership.

Save the bold choices for furniture and accessories.

Neutral bathroom

This bathroom is extremely neutral with a nice pattern to the floor. This bathroom would lend itself nicely to some accent colors with towels and accessories.

The designers that decorate these model homes save the accent colors and secondary patterns for the furniture and accessories. Things that are easy and inexpensive to change. Take another look at the photo, those benches under the counter add a nice compliment, but they are removable and replaceable based on the tastes of whoever buys the home.

You can do the same thing with your home. Make sound choices with the home’s expensive fixtures. When you begin to add your furniture and accessories, you can introduce your own personality and flair.

This will save you from making costly mistakes by having more than one pattern competing for attention. It’s kind of like showing up for the party wearing plaid pants and a paisley top. Both may look great but together they create discord to our brains.

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