It’s time to repair your sliding glass door when: 1. It takes two hands and a hip bump to open 2. Grunting is included 3. The door handle breaks off.

The good news is that repairing a door is not very expensive. The bad news is that very few companies are good at it. Enter Mason Ball, owner of Affordable Sliding Glass Door Repair – phone/text: 904-349-4779 – whose entire business is repairing sliding glass doors.

This is the job Mason and his assistant did on ours. He removed the door (the door weighs around 150 pounds) replaced the cheap rollers with good quality ones, cleaned the track, and adjusted the frame. The entire project took about 60 minutes (attracting many neighbors and dog walkers), and cost around $170.

By the way, if you think you can solve the dragging problem by lubricating the track with WD-40 – a logical idea I’ve heard even recommended by contractors – that’s a big NO. Lubricants get into the weather stripping and cause them to collect dirt. It’s a recipe for disaster. Keep the tracks dry and clean.

Mason covers the Jacksonville area, St. Augustine, and outlying areas.

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