What Would HGTV Do?
Typical of many family rooms, this fireplace was the focal point of a house being sold in Jacksonville, FL. When built in 1990, red brick fireplaces were very popular. Now they look dated. HGTV would do something to make it look better, but what?

Possible Fixes (from most expensive to least):
• Metal or cast stone replacement — beautiful but extremely costly.
• Cover with ceramic tile – complicated and would have to blend in well with hard finishes.
• Peel and stick tile – A newer option to home décor, these tiles are being used for many applications from fireplace surrounds to kitchen backsplashes. The challenge is to find good quality and a pattern that would appeal to more than 75% of buyers.
• Paint – A good cleaning, a little prep work, and one quart of paint. Easy-peasy.

What Would We Recommend?
Paint! Especially if you are selling your home. Paint is inexpensive and almost painless. Here, the fireplace was painted the same color as the walls. It worked well because the insert was black and brass –creating interest – and the artwork above the mantle repeated the black for more pop.

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