Everybody talks about having good curb appeal, but what does it really mean?

Expensive landscaping, new garage doors, and paver driveways are hardly ever necessary.

The following examples of “Small Investment – Big Return” solutions for great curb appeal will usually do the trick.

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Basic Rules for Great Curb Appeal

A clean, neat appearance

Nothing cringe-worthy

Pops of interest and/or current trends

Nothing that looks like an expensive repair

$400 Solved the Cracked Driveway Problem



Problem:  It’s not just one problem, it’s 3 problems:

– Cracked driveways look terrible, no matter how beautiful the house.

– Buyers assume the worst:
1. They assume the cost to repair/replace would be astronomical (most people have no idea what the cost would be)
2. They think there could be a structural problem
3. They think both

– There are usually more important things for the seller to spend money on.

Solution:  Instead of replacing the driveway ($$$), this one was pressure washed, caulked and painted by a Jacksonville paint contractor. Total cost: $400, materials and labor included.

Note:  If you are a DIYer, be sure to research the materials, techniques, and color selections. A good place to start is by talking to a paint supplier like Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore for materials. YouTube has numerous tutorials on technique (some good, some bad).
Color is simple. Keep it the same color/shade as the original concrete. This driveway already had a concrete stamped pattern border which was painted in a complementary color to the house.

Front Door Magic



Problem: Entrance is dull and drab.

Solution: Most home exteriors are plain (for good reason) which is why painting the front door can be so effective.
Red was popular years ago. Now, the front door can be almost any color, as long as it complements the exterior AND the interior. Remember, once the door is open, that color will also have to look good with whatever is inside.
By the way, if there is a screen door or enclosure, remove it, patch the holes, and store it in the garage or toss it.

Note: 1. Typical of metal doors, this one had several dents. Who knew they could be filled with a patching compound? After prepping and painting, the door looked brand new! Click here for a How-To tutorial from Family Handyman on repairing dents:

2. Sherwin-Williams SnapDry Door and Trim Paint dries in less than an hour! What a great product for our hot, humid summers.

Prince Charming or Toad?



Problem:  Door locks and handles that are pitted, tarnished, and/or out of style are telling the buyer that the house isn’t worth the price.

Solution:  Replace the handle and deadbolt. Big box stores have great selections at very reasonable prices, like this one at $150.

Note:  If you have a keyless door lock system, go back to using the key while your home is on the market. The Realtor Supra lockbox ensures your safety. With this system, your Realtor will know everyone who enters the home, but it can only be activated if there is key.

Another concern is that the color/design of the new front door locks will not match the door handles inside the house. It’s okay, either the buyers will not notice the difference, or they will consider it as something minor that can be changed later.

Personal Note: Years before I became a Realtor, I asked a Home Depot designer for suggestions on selling our home. She only had two: replace the front door locks and update the bathroom faucets. In retrospect, I know she was right, although at the time I thought she was two bricks short of a load.

I Can’t Find Your House!

Problem: The house address is missing, well-hidden, or in bad condition.
Warning: it’s also dangerous if police and fire departments can’t find your home when seconds count.)

Solution: Put up house numbers that are easily seen from the street. With so many options available, you can use this opportunity to add some pizzazz. Home improvement stores have limited selections so don’t be afraid to shop online.

Note:  There are some great, reasonably priced designs on Etsy:

When Was the Last Time You Looked at your Doormat?

Problem: Doormats can be nasty-looking –old and dirty — and not very welcoming

Solution: A new doormat is easy and inexpensive to replace.

Note:  Walmart: $12

George Clooney Has a Zit on His Nose (I’ll have to move on to Leonardo DiCaprio)

Problem: A gorgeous house will be a disappointment if it is dirty and stained. Buyers don’t want to buy a home that looks like it hasn’t been maintained for years. This stained concrete entrance is from a Jacksonville, FL home listed for sale in 2021

Solution: Pressure washing will make a house stand out both in photos and when viewed in the neighborhood. It makes the house appear to have more value.

Note:  It’s best to hire a professional. There are many tools and techniques for the different elements of your house – concrete, siding, pavers, brick, gutters, etc. Each one has its own challenges and a DIYer could do more harm than good.

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