A customer’s home in Vilano Beach was severely flooded during Hurricane Irma to the tune of over $100,000 in damages. He told me that he used a Public Adjuster to settle the claim and it resulted in his receiving $40,000 more than his insurance company offered. 

After doing some research, I learned that:

  • Your insurance company is not your friend (think IRS).
  • Insurance companies are masters at delaying (like requesting additional information) until you give up and quit.
  • Insurance companies will often deny coverage for all or part of the loss. If you’re covered for wind damage, they may say the damage was caused by water. If you’re covered for water damage, they may say it was caused by winds.

A good Public Adjuster is your advocate. He or she knows the system and how to protect you. Best of all, you do not pay them. They are paid based on a percentage of your claim over and above what the insurance company has offered.

By the way, Public Adjusters don’t just work on major disasters. Anything that happens in your home may apply: damage from a water leak, wind damage to the roof, a kitchen fire, etc.

For help in the Jacksonville area, Mark Goldwich, Gold Star Adjusters, is the person I would call. 904-406-7232. He’s been a licensed insurance adjuster in Florida since 1987 and has delivered settlements averaging 400% higher than the amounts initially proposed by the insurance companies.

Mark has also written a book, “Uncovered” which is jaw-dropping account of the insurance industry and how to avoid its pitfalls. If you would like a free copy, call/text me at 904-333-5194 or drop me an email: gunilla@oakstreetrealty.com. Mark gives Realtors a bulk price which makes it very affordable for me to pass on a great book.

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