I don’t like cleaning and I especially don’t like things that “stick”

If you don’t have a Lil Chizler, I suggest you get one for your kitchen, bathrooms, and garage.  I use mine to safely clean the gunk off my cookware and baking sheets, stuff that lands on the bottom of the oven, and the globs of food on our counter tops.  Then there are the sticky patches that show up on our wood floors – where do those come from anyway? – and the hard water deposits around bathroom faucets?  Lil Chizler is plastic so it doesn’t scratch and it’s sharp enough to get under the most stubborn items.

Click here to visit their site and see 1,001 uses. By the way, if you buy from Amazon, I have noticed that there are a lot of fake products these days. Make sure you get the real Lil Chizler.