Four years ago, my customers renovated the kitchen in their new home (shout out to Briana and Daniel.) They were the first ones I knew who installed luxury vinyl plank. Not only is it attractive and easy to clean, but water cannot damage it.

Since then I have had luxury vinyl plank installed in homes getting ready for sale. The plank version looks like wood, (wood is still the most popular flooring among home buyers) and comes in various price ranges. The only thing I caution against is choosing a style that’s “busy.” It should blend in and not be a focal point.

You can change your paint color but it’s costly to change cabinetry and countertops. Therefore, hold up a floor sample to permanent items like granite and wood cabinets to make sure the colors blend. Then take flooring, paint, and carpet samples to coordinate colors.


See for yourself. The results are amazing.

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