I recently showed this home to a family interested in buying a 3 bedroom/2 bath on Jacksonville’s Southside. As you can see, the seller went through the trouble to repaint the front door (okay, they should have replaced the weatherstripping too) but they didn’t replace the locks. The lockset was old and corroded, and it was the first thing we saw when we arrived.


The Seller Was Sending the Wrong Message

 First impressions are critical.  In this case, the buyers believed this house

had not been well taken care of. Remember, it takes time for a Realtor to get
the key out of the lockbox and open the door, so buyers are spending more time
looking around the front door area than normal.  Buyers notice insects, dirty windows and
siding, old locksets……..or the opposite: a clean, well-maintained, attractive

 Marketing 101

 If you’re selling a $300,000+ home on the Southside of Jacksonville, it’s important to keep up with the expectations of the neighborhood. A buyer expects good curb appeal and a front entrance with a little pizzazz. Here are some of the most effective ways of doing that:

  • Painting the front door with a contrasting color
  • Adding fresh mulch to the landscape
  • Replacing locksets (go with whatever finish is currently popular in model homes.)
  • Adding flower pots to flank the front door
  • Repainting or replacing outdoor light fixtures
  • Pressure washing the exterior and removing mud daubers
  • Replacing the door mat with something as inviting as it is functional.
  • Most of all, cleaning everything in front so that it’s spotless.

 Channel your Martha Stewart and ask her what she would do to improve curb appeal.

The Saddest Part of All

The house was wonderful inside and located in a great neighborhood (close to shopping, restaurants and A rated schools). It would have been a good purchase. But the buyers were turned off and never made an offer. Or if they had made an offer, I bet it would have been much lower than asking price.

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