Buying a new home is exciting 

But often overlooked is the importance of the lot. It’s hard to spend the extra money for a premium lot when you would rather spend it on upgrades.  Stop! It’s worth every penny to face a preserve or water rather than your neighbor’s yard.  You will end up selling your home faster and for more money later.

If you don’t have the money for a premium lot, then plan on adding landscaping that will block the view.  Viburnum shrubs are a popular choice in Jacksonville, FL because they are relatively inexpensive, grow 1-2’ a year, and can be trimmed or sheared.  Check with the nursery for the best variety and start early!

By the way, many buyers don’t realize is that they can and should use a Realtor when buying a new home.  The model home sales office represents the builder, not the buyer.  An experienced Realtor helps make those crucial decisions like the lot and is the buyer’s advocate during the building process and afterward.