If you are thinking about selling your home, you know how important every detail is to getting top dollar. As a full-time Realtor in Jacksonville I deal with buyers every day. I know what they are looking for. Your home has one chance to make a first impression and favorable first impressions equal dollars at the closing table. I want to share one tip that I wish all homeowners would follow when selling their homes.

Let There Be Light

Clean your windows. The real estate website HomeGain.com published the results of a survey of 2000 real estate agents. According to them, and I tend to agree, freshly washed windows generate the best return on your investment. Amazingly, the return can be as high as 768%. When I meet with sellers, they are often reluctant to spend money fixing up a property just to sell it. They are afraid they won’t get their investment back at all.

Washing your windows inside and out can be a daunting job. Professional window washing is affordable and is something most homeowners neglect for years. Investing a small amount of money will give your house instant curb appeal and a sparkle that buyers notice. 

June 2003 Issue of Money Magazine publishes survey of real estate agents revealing clean windows return the most on homes for sellers

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Money Magazine included the results of the HomeGain.com survey in one of their issues. That’s how important something as simple as having your windows in tip top shape can be. That’s why I always make cleaning windows inside and out #1 on my checklist for sellers. It makes sense when you realize that clean windows:

• Let in more light and make rooms seem larger and brighter
• Make colors more vibrant and not dingy
• Enhance exterior views
• Show that a house is well-maintained
• Gives buyers positive subliminal feelings (wouldn’t you avoid a restaurant with dirty windows?)

Professional window washers agree, getting your windows professionally cleaned will help your home stand out from the crowd and sell faster. They also taught me this bonus trick. After the windows are sparkling, store the screens in your garage. This will double the amount of glass reflecting light and give your property the edge over the competition.

Need More Expert Advice About Selling Your Home?

I pride myself on giving homeowners advice they can count on when selling their home. While other agents are telling you to replace counter tops and take on big unnecessary jobs, I prefer to help my clients get the most money by focusing on the fixes that actually matter. Let me know if I can help you navigate through any issues you may have.

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