Don’t Lose Money When Selling Your Home

If you do not have the correct heated sq. ft. recorded with the county property appraiser’s office, you could be losing some serious money.

The reason is simple.  When a house goes on the market, the heated sq.ft. is listed.  Even if it’s a For Sale By Owner, he or she is usually relying on the public records.  The buyer, the buyer’s agent, and other websites like Zillow use that number to calculate value:  price per sq.ft.,

There is no reason to believe that your house has been measured correctly.  Old or new construction alike, it doesn’t matter.  In fact, some of the most startling errors are in newer homes.  In the Jacksonville area alone, we have found variations that showed up to a $40,000 difference in value.

Oak Street Realty offers an accurate measurement by a licensed appraiser as part of the Seller’s Package.  However, you can do the same.  To find an appraiser, go to  Search for Real Estate Appraisers, then search for Certified Residential Appraisers in your area.