Our house was not the size house Gunilla usually sells. I didn’t notice that at first. I just saw all the A reviews and sent her a message, and she responded. After I had made an appointment with her, my husband pointed out that the houses she usually sells are WAY bigger and WAY more expensive than ours. When Gunilla came over, I told her that I hadn’t realized that, and I told her what our situation was, that we needed to move to be closer to my daughter and family, and she said she would like to do this for us. As my kids have said repeatedly, finding Gunilla was one of the best things I could have done. Gunilla approached our sale with the same tools she uses for bigger houses. We said that we wanted to do whatever would bring the most money at a reasonable cost. With our permission Gunilla had the house newly carpeted and painted, had a handyman come in, and had a cleaning service come in. After that she staged the house. She put it on the market on Friday, we had 10 or so offers, and we were under contract the following Wednesday. We were very happy with the price and the offers, and the closing was this afternoon. I can say that when Gunilla called to say we were closed it was a bit bittersweet. It was great to have the closing done, but it also meant we would no longer be working with Gunilla. Gunilla made this time in our lives and the selling of our house the very best experience it could be.