My customers have been shocked by staging.  A well- staged home sells faster and for more money, and because it’s so important to my success, I hire a professional stager as part of my marketing plan.

After years of doing this, I have found that there are 3 important staging hacks.


1. Clean, clean, and clean some more

Clean carpets, clean windows, clean drawers, clean refrigerators and ovens. You can even use my new favorite Simple Green BBQ Cleaner to clean the oven.

The reason to clean everything is simple:  even if the house is outdated, a good cleaning shows good home maintenance.

2. Spend money on the entrance

Replace hardware if it’s pitted or discolored, paint the front door, add planters with fresh flowers or greenery, fix cracks, remove mud daubers, and sweep daily.

This is the first impression of your home.  This is the honeymoon.  Don’t blow it!

3. Paint the interior

Paint removes many odors, makes everything look clean, and if the colors are chosen correctly, your home will have an updated feel.

I strongly suggest hiring a staging professional or an interior designer to help you choose paint colors.  It’s tricky to match tile, granite, wood, carpeting, etc., but if you want to wing it yourself, look for ideas on